Our writing task for today is How to write an application form.
Go to your students’ book page 95 and do the activities as we have done in class.
first you copy the aplication form as the one in the example. Then, you invent a different one. It can be for a sport club, a library, or what you decide!
Finally, you have to do more practice in your workbook, page 75.

we have also done a review on the relative pronouns WHO, WHICH and WHERE.

Correct the second exercise, as we have done in class and, please, send it to me with the rest of homework.

we have also done actuvity 5 page 101 of your workbook.
You have to do activities 1 & 2 about second conditional, and 3, 4 and 5 on page 101for grammar practice.
And the Refresh your memory, page 96 of the students’ book!
Please, send everything before the 5th of June.